Help (FAQ)

🤔  How to enable restricted mode?

Go to this blog page for step by step instructions.

Enable stricted mode

🤔  How to enable music mode?

Go to this blog page to enable the mode.

Enable music mode

🤔  Not automatically openning new tab?

As of today, Chrome no longer allow to automatically open a tab without user interaction in the browser. You have to manually open "" or "" or click the Rollyt extension icon.

🤔  Forgotten admin password

To change the admin password, you need to remove it first and then set new password.

  1. Go to Rollyt's extension popup view and open "Settings" page.
  2. Click "Remove Admin Password".
  3. Once removed, you can set new password in the playlist page by enabling admin mode again.
🤔  Next video in queue is not playing

Make sure to allow Rollyt extension to access Youtube.

  1. Go to Rollyt's extension chrome settings. Or copy this link and paste in address bar: chrome://extensions/?id=opjmkgcfeidfiafbhigicejodpnpcbbc
  2. Under "Site access", enable "Automatically allow access on the following sites".
  3. Close and reopen your browser.
🤔  Something went wrong when searching

Most common causes are:

  1. Youtube limits search requests per minute, per hour and per day.
  2. Youtube changed the response data format.

If the error still occur, please contact us.