September 16, 2022

Enable Restricted Mode

This mode enables you to restrict other users to control the playlist.

These are the restrictions:

  • Only admin can skip, play, pause and stop video
  • Only admin can delete other user's videos
  • Only admin can rearrange videos
  • Only admin can change modes

Steps to enable this mode:

  1. Open the playlist page
  2. Click the button to open the dropdown menu
  3. Click “Enable admin” and enter a new password for Admin
  4. Once set, new “Login (Admin)” option will show in the dropdown menu
  5. Login as admin and new “Restricted mode” option will show in the dropdown menu
  6. Click “Restricted mode” option and make sure it is checked

Non-admin users will now be restricted from some actions. You can also logout from admin while restricted mode is on.