February 2, 2022

Getting Started for Bars, Restaurants, Shops and Lounges

Most public places such as bars, lounges, restaurants and shops will usually have loud speakers connected to a laptop or a PC and probably playing music from Youtube. With Rollyt's realtime shared playlist, you can share your speaker to your customers and let them queue their music remotely. You can think of it like a modern Jubebox.

These are the steps to get started:

  1. Download and install the Rollyt chrome extension
  2. Click the extension button Rollyt extension icon at the top right area of your browser
  3. Make sure to keep the desktop web browser open
  4. Print the QR code and place it on the walls or tables
  5. Let your customers scan the QR code
  6. Customers should now be able to search and add videos
  7. Play a video by tapping an item

That's it!