Realtime Party Playlist for Youtube

The ultimate shared party playlist for Youtube. Remotely queue and collaborate on a playlist with friends and play it in realtime and on the fly!

It's free and no account needed to join the party!

Remote party playlist queue for Youtube

Supercharge your party with friends and enjoy the moment!

Remotely control Youtube with Rollyts' shared playlist from multiple devices and avoid the hassle of playing music and videos in a party.

Karaoke party playlist

Karaoke Party

Avoid interruption, turn your phone into songbook and queue songs while singing.

Home party music playlist

Home Music Party

Queue and control your music playlist from every corner in your house while doing something.

Bar and club music party playlist

Bar & Club Music Party

Share your sound system to people who wants to party with their own type of music. Just like a Jukebox!

Cafe and restaurant music video

Cafe & Restaurant Music Video

Open your TV screen to customers and let theme queue and watch their own favorite music videos.

Shop public music playlist

Shop Public Music

Play music remotely while accommodating customers or while doing something productive.

Feature List

  • Shared Playlist

    Collaboratively queue videos or music while playing, without interruption and connecting to owners wifi.

  • Restricted Mode

    Restrict people from controlling the playlist. They only can search, add and delete own items.

  • Music Mode

    Only search and queue music or songs.

  • Karaoke Mode

    Only search and queue karaoke songs.

  • No Interruption Prompt

    Removes the "Are you still watching or listening?" prompt.

  • Easy Sharing

    Quickly share the playlist with others by just scanning the QR code or sending the link.

  • Basic Controls

    Includes shuffle and repeat controls.

  • Auto Dark Mode

    Dark is sometimes better :)

Frequently asked questions

Getting started with Rollyt

Getting Started

  1. Download and install the Rollyt chrome extension
  2. Click the extension button Rollyt extension icon at the top right area of your browser
  3. Accept permissions
  4. Scan the QR code using your phone or your friends' phone
  5. Make sure to keep the desktop web browser open
  6. Start collaborating with friends by searching and adding videos
  7. Play a video by tapping an item

More getting started: